Report: The Religiousness of Planet Earth

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The purpose of this report is to note the religiousness of the planet Earth. In order to do so, I will use three criteria to contextualize and help enlighten members of our planet those of the human race found on planet Earth. This report will contain three examples relating to three criteria to help give some definition and detail to these particular ways of measuring this phenomenon. I will conclude this report by summarizing my experiences dealing with the religious qualities of those of the human race found on the planet Earth. On Earth, religion requires certain amounts of faith to propel its true meaning. Faith occurs in humans believe in something when there is no rational or reasonable force for that belief. Another term, dogma, is another criterion of religion. Dogma is the idea that one's religion is superior to all others. Dogma resembles elements of bigotry, intolerance and mental incapacity. The third relative criterion that will help you find this phenomenon of religion is the dedication of its followers. This dedication helps distinguish between habit and routine. Faith is a mental attitude. Humans use this attitude to energize their bodies when there seems to be no rational purpose for going on to the next step of evolutionary design. Where it comes from is unknown. It appears however to emanate from within the human body. Certain religions call this the source of the soul. Faith and the soul are intertwined much like parents and their offspring. Religion

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