Report of Class Observations

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WEEK #1 September 13th, 2013: 10:10-11:00 The first week as I observed the class, there was an obvious concept in play through the class. A new student was taking part in the class, and she stuck out like a sore thumb. I could tell that she didn’t have the same flow and presence that each of the other student had. She was different and new, and the rest of the class saw that as well. There was a cultural difference taking place, even the minor differences in how she dresses and how she spoke had a noticeable impact. After reading about ethnocentrism and cultural relativism (page 41-42), I was interested to see how the class would react. I was taken off guard when the teenagers took an interest in her newness and different points of view.…show more content…
Rather than letting the class choose their groups, the teacher separated the class into group of four. I was disappointed because I would have liked to see what the groups would have been if the students were allowed to pick their own groups (mainly to see if my perditions of the cliques were correct). But the chosen groups offered an interesting social concept to come into play. Each group had a quickly and obviously designated leader, even though it was directly agreed upon, it was apparent to me and the teacher. The leader then assigned certain tasks to each member categorizing by skill. (i.e. “Your good at drawing and have good handwriting, you can draw the poster,” “you have the best typing skill, could you type the paper?”) I noticed that many of the characteristics of a bureaucracy (page 133-134) were exhibited in each of the groups. They each had their own tasks to perform, and in some groups the students would ask the “leader’ if they were doing thing correctly. This informal version of a bureaucracy interested me. It seems that even in the smallest of groups, bureaucracies are very effective. Even with a leader that is determined incidentally, the bureaucratic system can still be present. WEEK #5 October 9, 2013: 10:10-11:00 This week I looked at the class and I split them into “roughnecks and saints.” (Page 162) I made predictions based on what I had seen in the

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