Report of Consumer Satisfaction of Mcdonald's

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Contents Page Section No. 1. Introduction 2. Procedures 3. Findings a) Background of McDonald's b) Mission of McDonald's c) McDonald's menu items d) Measures for consumer services by McDonald's e) Delivery service f) Competitions g) Consumer's complaints h) Questionnaire results 4. Conclusions 5. Recommendations 6. Appendixes: Questionnaire about the consumer satisfaction of services of McDonald's in Changsha 1. Introduction As requested, this report is based on a market research on the consumer satisfaction of the services of McDonald's in China. This report shows McDonald's background , history, an introduction of its services and reveals the benefits and the drawbacks of the services of McDonald's in China, in the increasing…show more content…
With local players still trying to compete with the likes of KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut, competition is fierce. In Changsha, other than the expected McDonald's and KFC, you will find a large number of these Chinese fast food chains, which at a glance, may look like classic western fast food chain stores, but they are actually traditional Chinese snack restaurants with a very western look. g) Consumer's complaints Marketing executives at McDonald's and other multinationals around the world have recently been repositioning themselves as "quick service restaurants" in press releases and media briefings, ditching the term "fast food," which has come to sound uncaring after the sensational popularity of books and films like "Fast Food Nation" and "Supersize Me," which exposed some of the less ethical – and more toxic – elements of the industry, as well as several libel suits taken by US consumers accusing fast food operators of causing them obesity and illness h) Questionnaire Results 1. Did you go to McDonald's? A. Yes B. No 98% 2% 2. McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, dicos and subway, which restaurant you are much more familiar with? A. McDonald's B.KFC C. Burger King D. dicos E. subway 34% 36% 10% 12% 8% 3. Which restaurant will you choose when you are hungry? A. McDonald's B.KFC C. Burger King D. dicos E. subway 36% 35% 9% 13% 7% 4. Which of the below

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