Report on Adf's Collaboration with Manpower Essay

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Executive Summary This report provides a review and analysis of the collaboration between a change management consultancy firm DFR (a business unit of Manpower) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Through examination of the factors that led to the collaboration, the goals of the collaboration and how the practices internally aligned to the goals, to the change in organisational culture and the HR system that supported this, it is apparent that the collaboration, though challenging and the first of it’s kind helped bring about an improvement in the recruitment of candidates to the ADF. Introduction Facing increasing scrutiny over costs the ADF undertook a review of the recruitment functions in the army, navy and airforce…show more content…
Analysis of the environment provided the insight necessary for the ADF, to form a collaboration with a private sector organisation, in order to reduce cost whilst gaining a competitive advantage. Business goals and strategic practice In order to gain and sustain competitive advantage an organisation must understand the environment in which it operates in order to compete. Assuming the ADF applied Porter’s five forces model, they were able to evaluate the forces driving competition by examining supplier power, the power of buyers, the threat of substitute products or services, the strength of the competition and the threat of emerging competitors, (Porter, 2008, Harvard Business Review) in order to implement changes in their recruitment program. Following this period the ADF identified 6 goals of an outsourced recruitment program and aligned strategic practice to the recruitment goals. * Reduced Costs to the ADF in the conduct of the recruiting function Through collaboration between the ADF and DFR with a contractual requirement of continuous improvement and the requirement of a percentage decrease in the cost of services the ADF has seen a reduction in costs * Personnel savings to the ADF, as uniformed Defence members could be reassigned to critical areas including ADF operations/personnel trained for critical

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