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Our research topic is “The barriers to open ‘Tukitaki’ retail chain shop”.
Tukitaki is a new retail chain store that caters to the middle class and upper middle class community in Dhaka. The store is an upscale international grocery, food, toiletries and cosmetic with a distinct menu.
Our focus is to provide beverage, drinks, fruit, vegetables, healthy food, baby products etc. we want to become the central hub of shopping activity for the local middle class population as well other who enjoy buying quality product and healthy food items in a reasonable price. Our purpose of research is to understand the challenges and barriers to open the ‘Tukitaki’ retail shop.
In the past decade, retailers have invested billions of
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We also need to choose an entity for our business: sole proprietorship, S-corp., partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership or non-profit corporation. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to taxes and liability.
Next, we needed to get an employer identification number from RJSC. Other licenses and insurance we had to obtain depending on our state, county and city regulations. At the very least, we had to have an occupational license and insurance for your business.
Third, we had to find a location. If we want to work from home, we can sell our merchandise at tables or stands at craft fairs or in joint booth areas at expositions or flea markets. We could also sell our items on the Internet.
However, a brick-and-mortar location could be our best bet. When it comes to choosing a location, we need to make sure it's within our budget, is visible to the public and that we agree with the lease terms. Additionally, we had to be sure that our store is near our target market.
Forth, we needed to select inventory and pricing. The products we wanted to carry should differentiate our store from others. When purchasing our inventory, seek out local wholesalers; this helped us expenses down because of the lower shipping rates. If, however, we couldn’t find certain items we needed locally, we used to find them elsewhere. But we used to make sure to buy enough products so
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