Report on Classification Of Business Essay

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Report on Classification Of Business

Classification of Businesses according to their types of activity:

Primary Sector Businesses: The gathering of raw materials, such as fish, oil, or coal from the land or sea or growing using the earth to grow things such as crops or trees

Examples: Rio Tinto (Mining), JCI Gold (Mining), Anglo Amer (Mining),
BP (Oil and Gas), and Soco International (Oil and Gas).

Secondary Sector Businesses: The processing of raw materials into finished goods. Examples of this are food production, computer component manufacture, and car manufacture.

Examples: Schweppes (Food and Drink), Unilever (Food and Drink), Intel
(Computer Component Production) and Ati (Computer Component
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Currently the top company in the UK using this method is;
HSBC Group (Banking) ($M673, 474)

Definitions of Business Localities

Local: Businesses trading within, and not exceeding the bounds of the local area, normally defined as within a county or town.

National: Businesses trading within, and not exceeding the bounds of one country.

International: Businesses trading worldwide, between two or more countries. Classification of Business according to their objective(s):

A profit driven business would have its only, or more commonly, its main objective set as making as much money as possible. A non-profit driven business would have different objectives, such as to survive, or, in the case of the business being a charity, to give as much money as possible to needy causes.

An example of a profit driven business is Microsoft Corporation
(Software), with a turnover of $Thou 25,296,000

An example of a non-profit driven business is the MOD (Ministry of
Defence), the main aim being to provide a defence service.

Report on Two Businesses in my local area:

The two businesses I have chosen to report on are: Marks & Spencer
Plc, and Marconi.

These are both international businesses, but both have local branches.

Marks & Spencer Plc is an international retailer with 718 locations across 34 countries. The business sells clothing,
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