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Letter of Transmittal To H. M. Mosarof Hossain Associate Professor Department of Finance University of Dhaka Subject: Application of business finance in corporate world. Dear Sir, Here is a report on “Analysis of the financial statement of Coca Cola”. In this report we have included the various methodologies to state the financial condition by using the ratio analysis. In making the study we had to take help from the Coca Cola workgroup and class lectures of our course teacher. We are grateful to them for extending generous help. We acknowledge the contributions to our course teacher for the guidance he rendered which helped Coca Cola lot. We have tried to use our academic knowledge on real life. We…show more content…
As of December 31, 2005, operating structure included the following operating segments, the first six of which are sometimes referred to as ‘‘operating groups’’ or ‘‘groups.’’ • North America • Africa • East, South Asia and Pacific Rim • European Union • Latin America • North Asia, Eurasia and Middle East • Corporate Seasonality Sales of Coca Cola’s ready-to-drink nonalcoholic beverages are somewhat seasonal, with the second and third calendar quarters accounting for the highest sales volumes. The volume of sales in the beverages business may be affected by weather conditions. Competition Coca Cola’s Company competes in the nonalcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry. Based on internally available data and a variety of industry sources, we believe that, in 2005, worldwide sales of Company products accounted for approximately 10 percent of total worldwide sales of nonalcoholic beverage products. The nonalcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry is highly competitive, consisting of numerous firms. Financial Statements Analysis of Coca Cola Definition of Ratio: Ratio is the relationship between two variables that is represented by two numbers showing how much larger one variable is than the other. In this report, we used the methodology of ratio analysis to analyze various aspects of the financial statements of Coca Cola Company. It
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