Report on Consumer Behavior Towards Technological Goods Produced Using Sustainable Business Practices

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Report - Consumer buying preferences towards technological goods produced using sustainable business practices.

Table of Contents

1. AbstractPage 3... 2. IntroductionPage 3-4 3. Literature ReviewPage 4-5 4. MethodologyPage 5... 5. ResultsPage 6-8 6. ConclusionPage 8... 7. BibliographyPage 9... 8. AppendixPage 10-11

1. Abstract

This report shows data on consumer behaviour as primary research and secondary data from literature about sustainability, sustainable business practices and consumer behaviour towards sustainable produced goods. The terms sustainability and sustainable business practices will be examined in more detail. Data gathered from primary research
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The questionnaire took approximately 10 minutes to complete and participants were asked that the oldest member of each household should return the results by end of the month. Surveys are one of the fastest methods to gather information nowadays, due the possibility to conduct them online as well. In the questionnaire participants of ages 30 and above were asked basic questions like name, email, gender and age. Furthermore the questionnaire asked more specific questions like how would you best describe your household, annual household income, if participants would buy sustainable produced goods over normal competitors even if the price was little higher and more to gather information about consumers buying preferences. The questionnaire was designed to gather a lot of information in a short time. To achieve better results, phrases around the topic sustainability and sustainable business practices were formed so that participants had just to tick their favourite answers. Limitations in primary research may be that the sample size could be increased more by surveying under 30 year olds as well. Secondary research was undertaken with the aid of online databases like summon, which is a database for all kinds of academic articles. Also the survey was based online due to its efficiency, because nowadays majority of people have internet connection.

5. Results

When asked the question if
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