Report on Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr): Five-Star Hotels

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Sales, consumer purchases fundamentally have always remained informed by quality; price and convenience but there had been a big change towards responsibly produced commodities. For example the demand in all of Europe for fair trade goods had raised from 51% in 2008 to almost 79% in 2012, consumer awareness for ethically produced commodities has also substantially risen. (Goff, 2012). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its extent has always been a practice usually dictated by the owner or the major stakeholders but in today’s world of infinite connectivity and social media, reputation can make or break a corporation.
CSR is usually a pledge taken by an
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An Environmentally friendly company agenda is very essential. We all know the global backlash that British Petroleum had to incur due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2012 that adversely affected both the environment and the wildlife. (BBC, 2012)

* Community Oriented CSR
This form of CSR is entirely focused on improving the life of people in the local community where the businesses operations are usually based or retail from. Community based CSR usually is seen in giant multi-national corporations that utilize and rely on labor from developing or under-developed countries. One prime example is the coffee giant Starbucks, that has set in place various development programs to invigorate and enhance the quality of life among the local populous in the regional areas where they source their coffee from. These practices always have a very positive impact on the company image. Starbucks was voted the most ethical company three years running from 2009-2012. (

* Human Resources Based CSR
HR based CSR policies are set in place to optimize the well being of employees by ensuring an ethical and stress-free work environment. Happy employees usually amplify profitability, which is exactly what any business needs.

* Philanthropy based CSR
Corporations very often make charitable donationations to the underprivileged or some other cause.

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