Report on Cultural Diversity Essay

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Report on Walt Kowalski

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Cultural Diversity and Special Populations

BSHS 422

October 12, 2009

According to Kiosk (2006), “Culture is an important guiding force in individuals' life and it shapes not only their perceptions, but their relationships with people and the world around them. Culture, in some ways, defines and organizes reality for people” (Kiosk, 2006). “An individual’s lifestyle, guiding beliefs and basic assumptions about life are also affected by culture” (Kiosk, 2006). Cultural diversity covers the entire range of the human experiences. The film Gran Torino is an excellent film that portrays the differences in culture. This film
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Walt has to realize that he does not have to like everybody but he does need to be respectful of people as an individual and this will help him understand that his way is not the only way.
Culturally Competent Strategies The cultural composition of America is rapidly changing. Researchers estimate that by the year 2050 more than half of the nation’s population is comprised of people from different ethnic and cultural minority groups (Guzman, Hill-Menson, & Greve, 2007). The trend of greater cultural and ethnic diversity in America has resulted in a change in the cultural dynamics and complexities in many communities and neighborhoods across the country. Neighborhoods once segregated by race and ethnicity, such as Walt Kowalski’s, have become more diverse in both race and ethnicity. Despite an increase in the cultural makeup of many neighborhoods, racism, bias, and prejudice still exist in many (Guzman et. al., 2007). For this reason, many people like Walt Kowalski need to gain the necessary skills to develop cultural competence, allowing them to interact positively with people from other cultural backgrounds. One way to develop cultural competence for a man like Walt Kowalski is to assist him in gaining a better understanding of himself and the Asian culture of his neighbors. To help Walt better understand the root of his prejudice outlook, the writers
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