Report on Daily Bean Coffee Shop's Menu Change

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Progress Report: The Daily Bean Coffee Shop Menu Change DATE: March 19, 2012 FROM: Janice Bean TO: Staff SUBJECT: Menu changes It has been over a month since the Daily Bean has completely overhauled its menu. As we discussed previously, the Bean Coffee Shop has tried to remain competitive with nearby chain stores by expanding its coffee selections, offering a wider variety of baked goods, and expanding its savory café items. The transition still remains a work in progress, although there have been many positive developments in recent months, thanks to the commitment of our staff members. I am pleased to report that sales of our iced, blended coffee beverage the Bean-a-chino have been brisk. Based upon high sales figures, we will be introducing new flavors in the spring, including a non-caffeinated raspberry cream 'chino targeted at younger consumers and a green tea 'chino designed to attract health-conscious patrons. However, there have been some complaints about the variable quality of the 'chinos. Please remember to ensure that all iced drinks are completely and evenly blended before serving them to consumers. If you have any questions about the desired consistency, please talk to me directly or to one of the managers. Our new gluten-free line of baked goods has had some success. It was introduced based upon the demand of gluten-intolerant customers. We will be experimenting with different types of pastries and ordering baked goods from a bakery that specializes in

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