Report on “Employees Motivation Applied in Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.” by Rana (Aiub)

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Letter of Transmittal

12th July, 2010
Samia Shabnaz
Course Instructor
Human Resource Management
American International University Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka

Sub: Report Submission on “Employees motivation applied in Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.”

Dear Madam,
The course which we are doing under your guidance is Human Resource Management. We are thoroughly enjoying the course as your teaching ability is very much knowledgeable. It is the report on the topic “Employees motivation applied in Square Pharmaceutical Ltd.” of your course “Human Resource Management”. An attempt has been made to use the most practical information among the findings. It has been prepared in combination of interview, education survey & given data .The name of all
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It was established in 1958 and converted into a public limited company in 1991. The sales turnover of SPL was more than Taka 7.5 Billion (US$ 107.91 million) with about 16.92% market share (April 2006– March 2007) having a growth rate of about 23.17%.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited has extended her range of services towards the highway of global market. She pioneered exports of medicines from Bangladesh in 1987 and has been exporting antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products. This extension in business and services has manifested the credibility of Square Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Organizational Overview

Company Aim or Corporate Focus:

Square pharmaceuticals Ltd’s vision, mission and objectives are to emphasize on the quality of product, process and services leading to growth of the company imbibed with good governance practices.

Company Vision:
Square views business as a means to the material and

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