Report on Garnier Fairness Cream.

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NOVEMBER, 16 , 2012

Garnier is launched in India by L'Oreal. Garnier came in India with its Ultra Doux range of shampoos. Garnier is a part of L'Oreal for mass marketing in cosmetics industry. Cosmetics industry in today's world comprises of face care, body care, hair care etc. Garnier light daily moisturiser for women and Garnier men powerlight intensive fairness moisturiser for men are its fairness creams.

Darker shades of skin tone, pollution, skin tanning due to exposure to sunlight and an overgrowing industry of fair skin admirers led to the production of fairness creams. Need of dark spot reduction, even skin
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For the low class men it has Men power light sachet or trial pack at Rs.10. In some families the middle aged persons of the family use Garnier Wrinkle Lift and Garnier Age Lift and thats why the young family members also use Garnier Light and Men power light.

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In some families the head of the family use and believe in the quality of Garnier products and due to this the young family members also use Garnier products. In many cases the friends and colleagues of a person use Garnier light or Men Power light products thats why the person also use the same. In some cases people use Garnier products as a requirement for their status. Many people use Garnier products to improve their personality. Some people use Garnier Light and Men Power light as they have to work long ours under sun which ultimately leads to sunburn and tanning.

7.2 Key psychological processes The key Psychological processes of Garnier Light and Men Powernlight are the following:         For the middle budget buyer Garnier has Light Ultra 40 gms pack at Rs.140 and 18 gms pack at Rs.78. It also has Men Power light 50 gms pack at Rs.160 for the high budget buyer. For the low budget buyer it has Light Ultra and Men Power Light sachet pack at Rs.10 The big size packs of Garnier Light Ultra and Garnier Men Power Light are available at all leading departmental stores, grocery stores and shopping malls. The sachet packs are available at all small stores like grocery stores, betel
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