Report on How Customer Service Affects Business Profits

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Introduction. I have been asked to produce a short report that can be used to demonstrate to the board of directors that improving customer service is an excellent way of improving takings. My report has to include the following:
. The role of a supervisor in delivering customer service,
. The impact of excellent customer service on how your team works and the positive benefits to the hotel, team and customers on delivering customer service,
. How delivering excellent service can support up-selling and add on-selling,
. How we are to monitor service delivery.

Research Customer service. What does it mean? . Customer service according to the dictionary means:
“Assistance and other resources that a
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Notes from Customer Experience Management, Bernd Schmitt
In most companies, employees do not care about their jobs. A Gallup survey found that only 25% of employees are “actively engaged”. 75% are just muddling through. University of Michigan’s David Ulrich observes that “job depression” is on the rise.
. Disengaged and depressed employees are not likely to deliver a great experience to customers.
. To turn that around, you must engage the heart and soul of every employee. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi at the University of Chicago found that employees want to experience work as “flow” – when they become so involved in what they’re doing that they lose track of time. Flow is about optimal experiences and enjoyment in life and the ultimate goal is “turning all life into a unified flow experience”. When that happens, work does not feel like work, and the separation of work and leisure becomes meaningless. Work and leisure become one.
. In particular, modern neurological research shows that people don 't think and draw conclusions in linear, hierarchical ways or in exclusively conscious ways. Instead, they glean cues and bits of information from all the senses, above and below awareness, to form a composite experiential impression that becomes a basis for preference, loyalty, and advocacy
(Excerpt from What Makes Customers Tick? Lewis P. Carbone, in Marketing Management)

After reading through the above mentioned research articles I have
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