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| REPORT: JOB ANALYSIS | | CIPD DIPLOMA IN HR PRACTICECIPD NO 2317474X3CJA CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROCESS OF JOB ANALYSIS WORD COUNT 1529MARIA DUYA16TH OCTOBER 2012 | CONTENTS PAGE Principles and Purpose of Job Analysis 2 Compare and Contrast 3 methods of Job Analysis 2 - 3 Contribute to the Process of Job Analysis 4-6 References 7 Appendix 1 Estates and Facilities Organisation Structure 8 Appendix 2 Business Service Organisation Structure 9 Appendix 3 Department Objectives 10 Appendix 4 Interview Questionnaire 11-17 Appendix 5 Diary Logs 18-23 Appendix 6 Job Profile 24-25 1.1 Principles and Purpose of Job Analysis The principles of job analysis involves a…show more content…
It currently employs around 3000 staff. A job analysis on the Business Service Assistant post will be undertaken, the post sits in the department of Business Service within the Estates and Facilities Directorate (Organisation Chart, Appendix 1 and 2) the job was created in April 2012 to meet with departmental objectives in order to support two sections, Business Service and Reception/Switchboard. To undertake a job analysis an interview structured questionnaire was conducted to ask the incumbent about her job role. To supplement this method a diary log of one week was requested to highlight her daily tasks. Both methods are useful as the post holder is most familiar with the job, it can reveal activities that are not on the job profile, the methods are simple and adaptable to use. A copy of the incumbent’s job profile (Appendix 6) was also obtained from the manager in order to compile the interview questionnaire and to compare with results. To review the incumbent’s answers a follow up discussion was held with the incumbent’s Line Manager and to find out if there were any new developments or changes within the department’ that would impact on the job. 2.3
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