Report on New Client about Interior Upgrade

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To: The honorable Winona I. Zard, Mayor of Emerald City
From: Nhut Le, interior décor consultant, Beacon Hill Natural Habitat
Date: May 23rd, 2014
Subject: Report on new client about interior upgrades
With the current shortage in Emerald City, newcomers to the area begin to buy older home in order to update it later. However, 80 percent of this population lacks of knowledge about developing their properties, this contributes in a 50 percent increase in the cost of home upgrades within the population
Colin Sell is a new homebuyer in Beacon Hill neighborhood in Emerald City. He recently bought his house and wants to upgrade its interior. On May 1st, Colin sent a letter to my office request for a consultation. After exchange emails with Colin, I have visited his home on May 5th. In my opinion, Colin can consider upgrading the window dressing, wall covering and flooring.
Window dressings:
According to Dennis Lori (2010), blinds help to control the amount of light gain or loss through windows. Lori believes the blinds should only make of renewable, nontoxic materials. There are four different popular types of blind in the market, including fabric, plastic, metal and wooden. Fabric blind is the most considerable product. In specific, fabric shade is durable and sold as a very competitive price. It is an eco-friendly product because fabric is made of fibers from animals or plants. Besides, one of the most inexpensive products for window dressings is aluminum blind. Aluminum blind

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