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Assessment Task 2: Recruitment and selection policy and procedures

Healthcare United is an organisation that endeavours to employ the best healthcare professionals. They aim to be the number one Healthcare professionals in Australia, currently employs 1500 Healthcare professionals in VIC and NSW and they wish to widen their operation and open another office in Hobart. Comparing the newly developed 2012 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation, I have identified some basic problems still existing in the 2012 recruitment and selection guidelines. Through a detailed analysis on the recruitment and selection procedure, Healthcare United can improve the procedures and the overall process.
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Personnel - HR and managers – the lines of each duty in the selection process are not clearly identified it is uncertain what the managers duties are and what the HR departments are, so is contrary to 2007 guidelines? For example does the Manager short list and short though resumes? Special exemptions to internal recruitment?? This is not in line the EEO legislation. Managers create advertisement with the support of HR for HU newsletter on intranet. Managers send advertisement with the support of HR advertisement to publications department to post on the intranet.
Documentation - I suggest documentation being done for each position vacant and that the position be analysed by the Manager to determine whether the position is still required to be filled by a new employee or for example the duties can be provided and divided amongst current employees or only a part time employee? This should be every time a position becomes vacant. A process with documentation is imperative.
Training and Support
HR is in charge of the whole procedure in 2007 guideline, it should be the manager’s duty with some support from HR as stated in 2012.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Senior managers will sign off on the position description; and give approval of position this is consistent with the 2007 policy.

Position descriptions are developed by managers using a position description template and Senior or HR management to sign off on position description and
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