Report on Romania

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Topic 1: State- sponsored description based on sexual orientation
Description about Romania
Although Romania was originally a part of the Ottoman Empire, several principalities gained their autonomy and then united to join the Axis powers. The greatest impact on Romanian people came from Soviet occupation of the Eastern bloc, which caused an establishment of communism as the main government ideology and led to slow economic growth during the 20th century, a time of rapid industrialization and growth for many nations across the globe. Today, Romania is a member of both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU). Situated between Bulgaria and Ukraine, it is home to one of the sputtering economies in the region, which is based on manufacture of industrial-capacity machinery and chemicals to other trade partners such as Germany and Italy. Romania also boasts one of the largest labor forces in the world. One major issue with Romania is its problem with drugs, as it serves as a conduit for laundering through government officials and financial institutions.
Overview of the topic
In the past two decades, the rapidly expanding trend among countries has been towards decrease in human rights allegations against LBGT people. With the emergence of regional government institutions to keep the problem in check and the increasing accessibility of international courts to pursue and take action against violations of gay rights, the world has taken a
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