Report on The Philippines

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A) The Philippines was under the rule of Spanish colony during the 16th century but soon became a self governing island during 1935 after they gained independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. This island located in Southeastern Asia; mainly have mountains with extensive coastal lowlands. The climate is a tropical marine type, with frequent northeast monsoon around the time of November and April. Due to the tropical weather, typhoons, landslides, active volcanoes and storms are often a natural threat. This island’s capital is located in Manila, which contains about 107,668,231 people as a whole country, and is currently ranked 13 worldwide as pertaining to one of the most populated country. The language is mainly based off of Tagalog, with 28% of the people being this ethnic group, followed by other dialects that are spoken. Catholicism is the leading religion with about 82% of the citizens who practice this religion. B) I. The Internet has brought us into a mass majority of benefits such as the improvement of communications and convenience. However, the government monitoring the citizen’s internet usage has brought up the violation and debate on the issue of privacy and human rights. Any private information including credit card payments, cell phone records, and emails are kept and regulated by the government and they have the ability and rights to look through these information’s secretly without being detected. Government official’s purpose of being able to mandate this
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