Report on Therapeutic Cloning

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Argumentative Paper - Therapeutic Cloning A sheep named Dolly is the first thing to come to mind when the term cloning arises. Everyone remembers the hoopla or has read of the hoopla that surrounded the birth and survival of the first successfully cloned animal. This is because cloning, to some, is a questionable practice at best. In general terms, cloning is the replication of another animal. It is a process whereby an identical "twin" is created in a lab. However, cloning is not limited to replicating animals. After all, it starts with the simple replication of one cell. It is these cells that are used in therapeutic cloning. To many, this scientific process and its results is the stuff of sci-fi movies and quite frightening. To others, it is morally reprehensible and unethical if not downright illegal. Yet, to those who are gravely ill and grasping for life through the latest scientific methods to sustain their life or improve a life which has been made unbearable through disease or an accident, it is a miracle. Initially, it is important to understand the different types of cloning. They include DNA cloning, therapeutic cloning, and reproductive cloning. In layman's terms, DNA cloning is the replication of specific DNA fragments. Reproductive cloning is the creation of an exact replica of an organism (plant or animal). Therapeutic cloning is the process of replicating identical cells from an individual. Scientifically, DNA cloning is described by the Human Genome
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