Report on Vanguard Health Systems

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The company has a significant presence in several large and attractive markets (Vanguard 2012 Annual Report). The company recorded $5.9 billion in revenues in 2012, up 29.8% from $4.5 billion the year previous. The 2012 net income of $57.3 million is a significant improvement over the $12 million loss the year previous. The company maintains that it is still on a growth trajectory, including via acquisition, and this is an important part of corporate strategy. This paper will analyze the different elements of the corporate strategy at Vanguard.
There are a number of stakeholders at Vanguard. Internally, there are several key stakeholder groups, including management, the employees, the shareholders and the Board of Directors. This includes any contract workers as well as regular employees. All of these different groups are loosely oriented to the success of the organization, though there are nuances to each group's desired outcomes.
There are also a number of external stakeholder groups as well. The most important of these is the customers/patients. They depend on Vanguard for their healthy. The families of patients are another stakeholder group and can have influence in any number of different decisions. In addition to the end users, the payers are also stakeholders in Vanguard. These include insurance companies and government programs…
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