Report on a Child Living with AIDS

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Report on a child living with AIDS AIDS fact sheet AIDS is a disorder the affects the human immune system, and it is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In the initial stages, a person infected with AIDS might experience some influenza like illness for a brief period, which is normally followed by a long period without any symptoms. As the disorder progresses it affects the immune system more and more making a person more prone to opportunistic infections, and tumors which would usually not affect a person who has a working immune system. AIDS is caused by infected needles, infected blood, injectable drug abuse, having multiple sexual partners, and from an infected mother to her new baby. HIV the virus, which causes AIDS is primarily transmitted via unprotected sex including oral and anal sex. It is vital for a person to understand a HIV test, and there is probably no other medical test that is most important. Currently, there are three major tools for diagnosing HIV. These tools are CD4 test, which is used to measure a person's immune strength, the antibody test, which checks the red blood cells for any antibodies, and viral-load test, which is used to measure how much HIV, is present in the victim's blood. Viral-load test is conducted when a person has been diagnosed with HIV using the two other tests. There is no cure for HIV currently, but there are medications that a patient can take to help them fight the virus and complications it causes. The
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