Report on the Situational Analysis for Commonwealth Bank of Australia(Cba)

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Introduction: This report is concerned with situational analysis in CBA. This analysis is important part of marketing plan. All business needs to take action which helps them keep good position on the market. Before taken any action analysis has to be made. Answers and data which were obtained during analysis can help chose strategies, which help achieve objectives. At the beginning will be presented brief history of CBA. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) supports sector with their following industries such as banking, financial and investment service. Founded in1911 as a government bank, received the first guarantees of the federal government. The first bank branch was opened in Meloburne-July 1912. In 1913 there were already…show more content…
Current value strategies The CBA want to build a strong value. The value declaration reflects Trust, Truthfulness or Honesty and Integrity. In line to keep its existing value, the firm has followed the practices of code of ethics.( Professional Practice Statement.) These statements set customary for a suitable behaviour which have to be shown by the directors and the staff. Present value plan includes the following: While dealing with the bank’s objectives, an efficient and proper code of conduct is expected from the workers and the directors. * Equal employment opportunity for all employees. * Avoid situation which can affect conflict of interest. * Maintaining confidentiality in the dealings of Bank and its clientele * Last but not the least important, presenting honesty in the professional activities. These standards are conveyed to the staff on a normal basis. Insider trading guidelines have been established to ascertain that unpublished price sensitive information about the bank or any other company cannot be misused under any situation  Current Product Analysis The CBA is Australia’s largest retail bank and offers clients a choice of goods and services. The CBA has the largest numbers of branch and ATM network in Australia. Produce and service including: • loans • credit cards • transactions • saving accounts • offers services to people planning to move to

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