Report on time management, SWOT analysis, learning styles and essay and report writing

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A Report on Time Management, SWOT Analysis, Learning styles and report and essay writing

Written by: Natasha Haley
Written for: Graham Pogson
Date: 11/10/13

Professional Development Planning C57PD
Borders Business Programme, Year 1

Section Page Number
1. Summary
2. Introduction
3. Findings
2.1 Time Management
2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.3 Learning styles
2.4 Report and essay writing
4. Conclusion
5. References
6. Bibliography
7. Appendices
3.1.1 Estimate timetable
3.1.2 Realistic timetable
3.3.1 VAK learning styles questionnaire
3.3.2 Honey & Mumford learning style questionnaire
3.3.3 VARK learning styles questionnaire
3.4.2 Essay example
3.4.3 Report Example
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There are some tools widely used for doing this, such as planners, diaries and timetables. You can use a timetable to plan out your activities (see appendix 3.1.1.) As you can see the author has carefully planned their week to include everything they think is important to be done within that time frame. You may benefit from completing two tables: the first with what you think you do, the second with what you really do (see appendix 3.1.2.) You will notice here that the author has some changes, some quite significant. It should be noted that, even when planning your time carefully, there will be huge differences in what you actually do with the time you have. These tables however are simple in layout, and can be easily compared to one another for future reference.
3.2 SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a form of situational analysis, which focuses on an organisations or persons:
1 Strengths
2 Weaknesses
3 Opportunities
4 Threats
To begin a SWOT analysis it is typical that first of all the internal factors would be reviewed (strengths and weaknesses) and then focus would shift to the external factors (opportunities and threats.) See an example of SWOT analysis in figures 3.2.1 below;
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