Reporting, Meetings And Timing Period

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Project meetings are the most effective way of communication and distribute information among project stakeholders. Basically, it is an event which involves everyone who shares information or has any interest or influence in the execution of the project by discussing issues, accepting or rejecting any proposals and making group decisions to deliver the project faster and more efficient according to the planned baselines and expected outcomes. (Eric McConnell, 2010).
Progress monthly reports:
Within seven (7) calendar days after the end of every month a comprehensive project progress report shall be provided covering every significant aspect of the works. Progress Monthly Reports shall include:
1. Executive summary.
2. Safety statistics for the month illustrating safety related trends.
3. Any environmental incidents including details of incident, impact and corrective actions.
4. Summary of any potential and actual issues, including with respect to schedule, safety, environment, quality, cost, interfaces etc. And proposed remedial actions.
5. Narrative of major events and incidents.
6. Color photographs, showing progress in each significant area of work at site.
7. The works schedule updated to the month of reporting.
8. Where critical path activities are behind schedule a description of the actions taken or to be taken to ensure project completion date occurs by the time required.
9. Narrative on the most significant changes, additions,…
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