Reporting Party Case Study Sample

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Reporting party (RP) stated that her mother, Betty Joe Hippik (DOB: 06/04/29) has been residing at this facility for almost 2 years (July). RP stated that she visited the resident on 3/3/17 and it was discovered that the resident had 2 raised spots her back and that resident was itchy. RP stated that she saw the resident again the following day and the resident had more spots present. On 3/8/17, the administrator (Lori) contacted RP and informed her that the resident was seen by the facility doctor, Dr. Henry who suggested that RP purchase an over the counter cream for the resident. On 3/9/17, staff Lido contacted RP stated that it appeared that the resident had shingles and should be taken to urgent care. Resident was transported to Kaiser

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