Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper

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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper
Jackie Melendez
Aug 1st, 2011
Donna Nanovski

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper Managers who are managing health care organizations must be attentive to the accounting practices and must obey and practice the financial management procedures to be able to solve any issues if any should arise. With the continuation of the high costs of health care managers as well as consumers must know how to budget carefully. According to All Business. (2010), the cost of providing health care services, patients way of payment for these services and the environment in which those patients reside and receive those services are important elements that affect the care this is or may not be
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Each organization must exercise their power of sight in ethics in many different ways. An organization may not be able to notice that by making some offering of few dollars in new health care equipment and a special supply of medicine that a patient needs it is worth sacrificing the ethics and cuts the patient process.
Some examples There are also some organizations that may find ways not to buy the equipment and supply which the patient needs due to the fact that the organization will have to pay for it just because of one patient. Perhaps, depending on the kind of patient many individuals would see a health care facility as good and at times, some might see it as very bad based on some of the ethics code which the organization follows. He or she might have had a disappointment or have been involved with it in the past. Patients only need to see by experiencing or having an involvement with a health care professional to quickly change their manner of belief. A health care professional might be ordered not to stand his ground against the corporation 's code of ethics starting from the time that they have been accepted to work for the company up to their discharge or retirement. All of the health care organizations face these unusual types of certain challenges. They deal with some duties and the acquiescence measures that they must meet. Our health care industries currently have many risk loads, and this risk varies
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