Reporting in David Friend´s Watching the World Change: The Stories behind the Images of 9/11

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Watching the World change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11 by David Friend,is not only tell the stories about 9/11 event, but explores the process of news gathering and reporting. September 11 attacks is one of most serious terrorist activity in world history, which causes 2996 people died and imponderable finance loss. It is also one of the most universally researched and watched news events in human history. The author use hundreds of relevant stories tells us what happened behind these news imagines, where these photographers were, how they take those photos. By viewing these images, Friend brings us to experience the activities of the photographer, rescuers, victims and survivors. It can be easily noticed how citizen play an…show more content…
The author use detailed stories endow these photos more deeply meaning, it can be clearly knew how these citizen took these imagine from different angles which cannot be all covered professional journalism. While those citizens record the moment of this horrible attack, the professional journalism also moved. Due to satellite newsgathering, the scene of this attack (via digital video camera, space-based satellite and fiber optics) was live telecast to all over world. This terrorist is completely different with anyone before, the digital technology brings more than two billion people witness this historical moment. The pure visual spectacle, without any literate rendering, gripped and provoked audiences than any times before.
The following chapter recorded what happened in the next six days. How traditional paper media report this event, how American government react about this event, how the rescuers brave work, what the survivor recall the tragic event. The digital camera record all of those moment and immediately transmit them to all over the world. Due to the raising of digital photo, these news photos were allowed to electronic post and more timely publish. Those photos would comfort those people in mourning, evoked memories of loved one, make people feel dread and dazed, help survey this event and influence the government decision. By league with the internet, those camera and digital photography has shows how unimaginable power. These chapters also

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