Representation Is A Core Principle That Governs American Politics

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AN43373 Representation is a core principle that governs American politics. The United States Congress is comprised of two chambers based on representation. The Senate includes two representatives from each state, while the members of the House of Representatives are elected based on the population of a state. These congressmen and congresswomen are voices for the state and area that they represent. Traditionally, the people who are elected to Congress are expected to make decisions on behalf of the people they represent. However, a new norm that poses a threat to traditional representation has bloomed. Interest groups in America attempt to influence policy in order to achieve their goals. There are three criteria that define an interest…show more content…
This relationship is explained through the social phenomenon known as the “principle of reciprocity” that governs much of American politics. This theory, instituted by Robert Cialdini, states that “there is a compelling pull on the lawmakers to eventually give something” to the interest groups that “invest in the lawmakers”. The fact that lawmakers feel indebted to a select few interest groups poses a major threat to the rest of the constituents that they represent. There are several different national interest groups that advocate for one sole issue. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one such group that seeks to ensure the protection of the second amendment. The sole focus for this interest group is to ensure that there will be no legislation that restricts the rights of gun owners. In spite of any social events that may cause a change in gun laws, the NRA seeks to prevent any legislation from passing. The NRA contributed $22,596,399 to only nine United States senators. In return, these nine senators each voted against mandating background checks for any individual who wants to purchase a gun. This supports the “principle of reciprocity” theory as each of the senators reciprocated the NRA’s contribution with a vote in the NRA’s favor. The bill to mandate background checks for people who purchase guns was implemented in order to protect citizens from mass shootings. The legislation was brought
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