Representation Of Islam In The Media

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The power and consequently the responsibility of media, especially mainstream, is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. It often sets the agenda amongst the general public and is the reference point for the majority of the discussion surrounding it. For many, what they see and read in the media forms the basis of their opinions on most important topics. Despite warnings not to, many believe that everything they read in the media must be true. ‘Media discourse is the main source of people’s knowledge, attitudes and ideologies and although media coverage might not generate racism, it can certainly reinforce it. One-sided portrayals and news articles could easily become the reality in the minds of the audience’ (Van Dijk, 2000, pp. 36). The topic of this essay was one that seemed the most relevant at this given moment in time. Post 9/11, Western media became very critical of Islam and the portrayal of Muslims and the negative associations made with them has dramatically increased. After the events that took place in 2001, the idea that Western Countries declared “war on terror” was proposed and a new awareness of Islam emerged. What’s interesting is that while concern and fear, a moral panic, as such, about Islam and Muslims seems to be on the rise,…show more content…
The stereotype of a ‘typical Muslim’ is bordering the assumption that ‘they are all the same’ and ‘that Islam poses a very dangerous threat to Britain and ‘its people’. Events this year such as the shootings at Charlie Hebdo and in Tunisia, alongside the brutal beheadings and other atrocities carried out by IS only support this small minded view. Sensational news sells, unfortunately, and so as long as Muslims, Islam and it’s fanatical strain continue to be sensational, so will the claims made by the media. It’s a bitter cycle and I don’t see it ending any time
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