Representation Of Male Teachers Within A Primary School

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Bell (2010, p.117) states that “Methods are selected because they will provide the date you require to produce a piece of research” which states the importance of using data collection methods and also having a structured approach to your research. This research project will be small scale, and will gather information about the under representation of male teachers within a primary school, based on current primary school teachers perspectives. It will be carried out to gain further understanding of whether male teachers within primary schools make a difference to children’s learning and behaviour and different issues which face the male teacher. The best method for the investigation will be a qualitative approach as this will be the best…show more content…
2. Do practitioners believe male primary school teachers act as a role model for young boys? Data Collection For this investigation, interviews are going to be used as you can get a range of opinions and interpretations of practioners, and you are able to get reliable and strong answers due to them being face to face. Punch (2009, p.144) metions interviews are a good way to “understand other persons’ constructions of reality… and to ask them in such a way that they can tell us in their terms and in a depth which addresses the rich contect that is the substance of their meanings.” You are also guaranteed to get a good response rate, as the peole you interview have already been asked. The questions used within the interview will be of a semi-structure basis as Lambert (2012, p.104) states, “the researcher prepares the main questions beforehand, but during the interview may ask additional questions, or additional topics.” This allows the researcher to gain more understanding of what the participants opinion is, and also ask about topics which the researcher may not be aware of that have been brought up during the interview. The questions will also consist of open and closed questions, as Palgrave (no date) states “if you ask open questions you could elicit an almost endess number of responses” which allows for the interviewer to gain more information and can keep the interview more casual making the interviewee more
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