Representation Of Refugees In Australia

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The media holds great power when it comes to influencing the attitudes of the nation as it is the primary source if information for many Australians. The many forms of media, such as radio, television, and newspapers can also represent Australian values and the state of our society at the present time.

Unfortunately, the narrative concerning refugees and asylum seekers as presented in the media is an overall negative one. Most of the fear present in Australian society is aggravated by media coverage. When discussing the representation of refugees it is important to take into consideration the language that is used and often associated with refugees. In most discussions presented in the national news, refugees are represented as a threat to …show more content…

An instance of this is the 2001 Child overboard incident were the HMAS Adelaide intercepted a boat of refugees, firing warning shots towards the asylum seekers. While some Asylum seekers were seen jumping overboard others were reported to be holding children in air or over the sides of the boat to alert the navy children were on board.

The immigration minister at the time viewed the actions of the refugees as a strategy to ensure entry to Australia. Despite being advised that there was no evidence that children had been thrown overboard many government officials and the media continued to spread this misinformation. The media's representation of asylum seekers and its power the influence the public’s opinion can become a tool for the systematic oppression of immigrants.

The term ‘illegal immigrants’ is a term used by the media to manipulate public opinion and thereby attempt to change or shape government policy. Asylum seekers are not terrorists wishing to corrupt the Australian way of life, but simply victims of western imperial aggression seeking safety in Australian …show more content…

Despite being granted a visa to enter Australia as a refugee visa (visa subclass 200) refugees must then satisfy other numerous criteria even more challenging. An example of this is apart from meeting national security requirements and health screening the minister of Australian immigration considers applicants must have a "compelling reason for giving special consideration to granting the visa”. Their connection with Australia, the capacity of the Australian community and the degree of severity of persecution they are faced with

Despite all these new reforms made in early February of 2017 The Australian government has decided to issue 12,000 visas to Christian refugees over Muslim refugees the largest amount of visas granted in a decade despite the number of law-abiding Muslims that have arrived in Australian. The government's reasoning is that Christian refugees would take priority due to security concerns of radical foreign fighters that may try and enter Australia through the refugee

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