Representation Of The Feminine Of Select Ghost Stories Of Ruskin Bond

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Representation of the Feminine in Select Ghost Stories of Ruskin Bond
Ruskin Bond is one of those rare authors whose writings have been loved and accepted by readers of all ages and groups. His depiction of small town life in India and of ordinary individuals struggling to make their lives and dreams worthwhile has an almost undeniable sense of appeal and beauty. His stories usually reflect this simplicity and good humour that have come to be associated with most of Bond 's writing. Yet, there are certain aspects to his writing – as it is true of any other great writer – that deal with deeper and darker themes even if they aren 't immediately apparent. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse certain stories of the supernatural by Bond in order to assess how the character of the female has been represented with a special emphasis on examining an element of the sinister which seems to be associated with each of these women. Whether as ghosts or as real, living individuals, these women exhibit a tendency to inflict harm on other characters which marks them as being decisively dangerous. What this paper tries to ascertain is whether these female characters can be simply branded as being evil or if there are actual, justifiable reasons behind their actions which provokes them to act in the ways they do. The study thus seeks to shed some light on the intentions and motivations of these characters who are evidently more complex than they initially appear to be.

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