Representation of Age

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Representation refers to the construction in any media (especially mass media) of aspects of ‘reality’ that can either mirror or subvert societal expectations. They are often based on negative stereotypes allowing the audience to feel secure and familiar. By definition, all media texts are re-presentations of reality. They are intentionally composed, lit, written, framed, cropped, captioned, branded, targeted and censored by their producers, they are entirely artificial versions of the reality perceived in the current world. Every media form, from a home video to a glossy magazine, is a representation of someone's concept of existence, codified into a series of signs and symbols which can be read by an audience. However, it is important to…show more content…
State of mind does, illness and loss of contact with the outside world is a strong contributor. Jessica Lange’s character, Fiona Goode (age 65) in the third season of American horror story (2013-14) subverts this stereotype. Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange). Fiona is the Coven's "Supreme", a witch born every generation who embodies countless gifts and magical abilities; the Supreme is the head of the Coven. Fiona Goode is the leader of the Salem witch descendants. She lives a glamorous life of luxury in Los Angeles. She returns to Miss Robichaux's Academy after the murder of Misty Day with the intention of teaching the young witches to fight, and reconciling with her estranged daughter, Cordelia. She yearns for eternal life and looks for any way to get it. Fiona, being the Supreme witch, embodies countless magical abilities including, but not limited to, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, vitalum vitalis (resurgence), clairvoyance, concilium, descensum, resurgence, divination, and transmutation. As the Supreme, Fiona has mastered the Seven Wonders, seven magical abilities that signify a witch as the Supreme. Fiona grows terribly ill and develops terminal cancer due to a new Supreme rising within the Coven. She tries at all costs to regain her youth. At first, she attempts to obtain immortality by seeking it from an immortal voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. After failing miserably, she believes
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