Representation of Masculinity the Renaissance Family and Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Representation of Masculinity the Renaissance Family and Shakespeare's Macbeth

Familiarity with Shakespeare's work often leads to awareness to the representation of masculinity, gender roles, and the patriarchal order as these subjects are often greatly reflected in his writing. Renaissance concept of order meant there was a shift from what used to be an Open Lineage Family, to a Restricted Patriarchal Nuclear Family. In turn, Renaissance families saw an increase in obligations to the church and state. Shakespeare (with the use of irony) often played with typical renaissance beliefs and ideologies, giving his work both historical and critical value. With the endorsement of an ideal marriage based
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Another form of masculinity demonstrated in these plays are valour, kinship and honour; William Segar takes the radical position that' there are but two arenas of action for men; business and honour' Smith B Shakespeare and Masculinity (43) The tension charged exchange between Mowbray and Bolingroke in the opening scene of Shakespeare's King Richard 2 in an all male arena, where both men throw down gages in a physical display of manliness and are prepared to settle their dispute by combat is clearly located in Segar' s arena of honour.

There I throw don my gage,

If guilty dread have left thee so much strength

As to take up mine honours' pawn, then stoop

By that and all the rites of Knighthood else

Will make good against thee, arm to arm, (1.1.69,73-76)

However, this warring with words a womanish undertaking 'whilst dolled up to the nines' Healy M William Shakespeare Richard 2 (52 in chivalric tournament gear was a great show of maleness and virility. This contrasts with Shakespeare's Macbeth whose masculinity is initially defined by courage and honour on the battlefield. Shakespeare's King Richards masculinity is initially defined by honourable and just decision making within kingship.
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