Representation of Pace in the Comic Strip 'Calvin and Hobbes'

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PDF File References Introduction In the media there are a variety of images and texts that are used to convey a host of ideas. This is because the artist is attempting to improve the reader's understanding of particular concepts by using these elements in conjunction with each other. To fully understand how this is taking place requires looking at comic strip Calvin and Hobbs. During this process there will be an examination that is focused on a number of areas. To include: how the pace is illustrated, the way the panels relate to one another, the differences / similarities between the two panels, the representational meaning and the main story plot of the comic strip. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how these factors are used in correlation with one another to tell a larger story. How is 'pace' illustrated in this set of comics strip? The way that pace is represented in the comic strip is through highlighting action. This occurs by showing Calvin running home at the beginning of the comic strip. It will then display select amounts of drama, with Calvin looking into a dark room. This is the point that Hobbs jumps out and startles him. The next several frames are showing the intense amounts of emotions and action. At which point, Calvin discovers it is Hobbs. This is when the intensity is winding down. These different elements are important, in illustrating how the pace starts out with lots of action. These frames are followed

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