Representation of Text History and Memory.

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History is the compilation of events and peoples perspective in events, all meshed up into a montage to create a definitive account of events. The Smithsonian website created by the American government shows a compelling selection of objects images and personal stories from the events of September 11 for the public to view at any time on the internet. Loose change is a documentary by Dylan Avery which has an opposing perspective to that of the terrorists attacking America. Both texts provide a recount of an event in history. Within history there is scope for challenging the disputable facts that we have been presented with. The Smithsonian website was designed to show the American perspective and what the Americans think happened on the…show more content…
This documentary is biased and its authenticity is questioned as to whether the facts presented are disputable or not. The Smithsonian website’s authenticity and legitimacy must be questioned; this is due to the” tell your story” section of the website. This section allows people to contribute their own stories of their own memory of the events that occurred on September 11. This causes the truth to be distorted and the authenticity of the website is challenged due to these disputable facts which are published on the website. These different stories which are published create many different perspectives of one past event that has already occurred which is not possible because there can only be one way in which it happened. Therefore an individuals’ memory affects the history and causes distortion of the truth because an individuals’ memory will be biased. The documentary “Loose Change” is just another perspective of the event which includes individual memory which means it will also contain bias as Dylan Avery’s perspective is presented to us using the documentary which means the evidence and views shown might not be totally authentic. Memory has affected a past historical event because of individual self and personal beliefs. This is why the authenticity and legitimacy of this text is questioned, it presents a good argument against the view of the American government but
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