Representation of Women in the Media

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Representations of women in the media Miley Cyrus made media headline around the world, during and after her performance on one of America’s biggest award shows, MTV video music awards (VMAs). Miley Cyrus was accompanied by Robin Thicke a popular R&b musician, who also performed a song, however it seemed Miley Cyrus received the most backlash for her behavior and performance at the awards. Instantaneously a still shot from the performance went viral and immediately created a bad representation of women in the media. Miley Cyrus was brought up in the spot light, her farther Billy Ray Cyrus was already a famous musician and actor. Miley ascended to fame for her role in the Disney channel show Hannah Montana, the show brought her extreme success and popularity, the television show was about a teenage female leaving a double life; regular teenager by day and teen superstar by night. Miley Cyrus had built a fan base of mostly preteens and young children, subsequently she presented a clean image of a teenager with immense moral character, which demonstrated an appearance of pure innocence. This image was kept up for years, and the media/general public became used to viewing her in a certain light, that when this pure and innocent image began to slowing fade away, it created a wide spread media panic. Cyrus shocked the mainstream media when she went through a drastic appearance change, she cut her hair, and changed her way of dressing into a more hyper
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