Representations Of A Particular Construction Or Design Project

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representations of a particular construction or design project but because they are attractive to look at over a long period of time. The pictures on display are usually the ones where the photographer has incorporated an abstract or visually graphic element when composing the image in the camera view finder. Where the simple symmetry of architectural design captured by the camera emotionally influences the deepest intricacies of human imagination. Many contemporary architectural photographers take an ‘artistic’ approach to their work, mainly due to the changing requirements from their clients. The successful ones establish a good rapport with the architects and both collaborate in establishing the concepts for the capturing of the essence…show more content…
This is a sweeping assumption, as all through the centuries there have been admirers of architecture as art, who have sponsored architects and artists alike. However, this ‘patronage’ was usually restricted to the wealthy ruling classes who had a disposable income to invest in aesthetic projects, as lasting legacies for future generations. The use of a photograph to analyse and then to evaluate the sense of ‘looking’, hence the capacity to appreciate, resulted in photographers becoming a tool of observation. They, the great photographic artists saw things conceptually that the general public did not realise was in front of them. The photographers invited the viewers into their voyeuristic world and surprise, surprise a lot of people liked what they saw, which in turn led to a new significant image rich environment of photo-reproductive art, the architectural photograph functions radically as art. Architectural photographers are primarily accepted as artists with a camera but within a client led industry which overlaps into the visual media world of magazines, books and the gallery system. Few observers can deny that architectural photographs in recent years have attracted interest in the last few decades and this has resulted complaints from traditionalists that these rapidly evolving new forms of popular art are overwhelming what is known as established art. New art and this includes modern art and not just
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