Representations Of Gender And Masculinity

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Representations of gender and masculinity in Pat Barker 's Regeneration. One of the major themes in Pat barker’s ‘Regeneration’ is gender and masculinity, this is my chosen theme. The novel overall reflects the struggles of World War one soldiers and their attempts to overcome the trauma of war experience. In this essay, I will be exploring ways which Barker represents my chosen themes. By discussing in depth and focusing on homosexuality, parenthood, emasculation, and mutism as a symbol. A key issue which falls under masculinity is on the battlefield, love between men is accepted and it’s wanted. Sassoon is known for his love and commitment he shows for the men who serve alongside him. Such a bond involved a level of comradeship and care for soldiers. Humanity looks upon this love positively as it produces a better army. Intimate and a love bond between men is a repeated subject in the novel, by means of all the characters involved are all male. Nevertheless, there are restrictions on the level of male ‘passionate’ communication in “Regeneration”. River mentions these limits in Chapter 17. He tells Sassoon that whilst partnership is cheered. “…there’s always this little niggle of anxiety. Is it the right kind of love?” (Barker, 204) Here, homosexuality is mentioned indirectly, but it is not an overt theme in the novel. Rivers advises that in wartime, the response to homosexuality would only be more bigoted than in harmony as the system would want to make it strong that

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