Representative Democracy Essay

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The political system I would use for Viva la Vida Islands, is the Representative Democracy. I think it’s better to have citizens vote on representatives to represent them, rather than gathering everybody to vote on one law. It would be extremely difficult to gather people to have them vote. It’s easier to have citizens vote for a leader that has a voice for them and that they trust. Using this system would be easier and fairer making everyone have a voice in one way or another.
It’s certainly better than a communism or a dictatorship. I chose this route since, I disagree with communism. I don’t believe that everybody should have the same pay as each other. It’s certainly unfair for a McDonalds worker to earn the same pay as a builder. I believe the harder you work, the more pay you should earn! I also, don’t think it’s right how the government chooses your job and makes your life decisions. The government shouldn’t be that nosey and plan your life out. I also, don’t think a dictatorship is right. It’s not an ideally fair system and it’s ruled over by one person! Citizens don’t have a voice and I don’t think it’s fair. Dictatorships always fail anyways since someone always out rules them!
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I feel it’s better to have the government involved a little bit, but not a whole lot. I think it’s better to have supply and demand rather than the government controlling all the prices on items. It also, supports the idea of the harder you work, the more money you earn. Also, there are hardly any regulations, regulations would include taxes and the amount of money the workers are making for doing their job. It also means more competition for
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