Representative Guzzardi Case Analysis

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1. Question (s) Section My question to Representative Will Guzzardi was how much support he has garnered since he started his campaign. According to Ashworth (2001:3), for anybody’s idea to become imposed upon the people as a new law it must garner enough support to pass both houses and then be signed into law by the governor or the president. My second question was how he measures the success of his campaign. Ashworth (2001:10) argues that the politicians’ problem is to reach agreement with other politicians and policymakers so that some version of what they want to achieve and what others are pursuing can move forward. I based my questions on Ashworth’s reading. I asked my first question based on Representative Guzzardi’s…show more content…
He dedicated his legislative career to improving voter access and education. He helped lead the initiative for online voter registration in Illinois, which was passed by the legislature in 2013. Moreover, he created the online petition to garner support for free tuition at the state schools for Illinois residents. His online petition collected 6000 signatures. Representative Guzzardi’s concerns are the higher education costs (expensive) in the state of Illinois, which some parents cannot afford. Because of budget crisis, parents lose confidence in the Illinois institutions. Based on the current situation, if nothing is done, some struggling institutions might close their doors in the middle of the calendar year. Such struggling institutions include Chicago State University, Western Illinois, North Eastern and Eastern Illinois. He pointed out that parents send 10 times more Illinois students to public institutions in other states than other states come to Illinois because they do not have the system in Illinois that parents can trust. He suggested that as the state they can solve both problems of cost, trust and enthusiasm at the same time by making institutions of higher education tuition free for every student. He proposed three options when they can get money to finance Tuition Free Illinois. Such options include; fair income tax (earn more pay, earn less pay less),…show more content…
Dr. Stewart discussed a variety of actors involved in budgeting who have different and often clashing motivations and goals. Two of such actors include; Chief Executive Officer (the mayor or city manager, the governor, the president) and Legislators. Representative Guzzardi talked about budget crisis in Illinois state. He stated that two things happened in 2015, a new governor of Illinois got elected in 2015 and the state income tax rate went from 5% to 3.75%. In Illinois income tax is the same for everybody (flat tax) unlike other states where people who earn more pay and those who earn less pay less. He pointed out that the new governor told them that he would negotiate with them about raising the money they needed to pay the bills if they use the Turnaround Agenda (how to fix Illinois). Consequently, the state of Illinois experienced budget crisis because the governor and the representatives could not reach the consensus on his proposal of Turnaround Agenda. In both classes I prepared and analyzed budgets for different cities. Furthermore, I played different actors roles and realized some issues that lead to the budget impasse when the legislators and the governor do not agree they did in
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