Representative Problems At Location Research

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The paper on overview of representative problems in location research gives us a brief description of survey of over fifty representative problems in location research. It also gives us an insight on all variants of different location models and solution results. This study and compilation can be considered as to be significant, as major location problems that have been studied and formulated are included in this paper along with, relations between them. The paper not only enlist different types of classification schemes but also provide a brief meaning full review and the research papers relevant to it. This contribution by the paper to the field of Plant Location problems has made a mark to study the overall types in a single paper. b)…show more content…
As the main suggests, these problems are used for application of finding out locations of warehouses, communication network design, electric power station, private service equipment, transportation centers and production centers in the private centers and Public service centers, public network design and emergency service facilities or vehicles in public sectors. The location problems are further classified, depending on the objectives like, Optimizing the parameters, minimizing Average travel time, Average response time, server cost and maximizing Net Income, minimum Travel time and average time. Whereas, non-optimizing objectives include, type of location dependence of objective functions like weighted or un-weighted, some or all points in the region, inter service distances, absolute server location and distribution facility as per the demand points. Location problems depending on decision variables include the probable decision variables as, facility location, service or dispatch priorities, number of servers, types of products produced by each server, queue capacity, server volume and routing of server. The objective of deciding system parameters consist of parameters related to topological structure as, link, tree, and network, plane, directed and undirected. Parameter of travel metric of option network constraint or rectilinear or Euclidean or block norm. Travel time/cost parameters, whether
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