Repressed Memories Controversy

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The Controversy of Repressed Memories The authenticity of repressed memories has been the cause of much controversy in the psychology world. Some even refer to these controversies as the “memory wars”. One side supports the idea of repressed memories, saying that there are multiple reasons for memories to be forgotten and retrieved later. The latter disagrees with how legitimate repressed memories are, since there is no way to prove the honesty of the memories presented. There are multiple reasons believed to cause repressed memories. A very publicized one is sexual assault. Many victims of this awful crime fail to recall what happened to them, some for a decade or two, but then can recall, sometimes in vivid detail, what happened to them.…show more content…
When new information if supposedly remembered years after it occurred, and is brought to trial, the legal system and those involved with it are tested with whether or not the testaments should be believed. If the information is cast off as inaccurate, justice could not be served on deserving criminals. If it is believed when it shouldn’t be, innocent people could be condemned. In my opinion, repressed memories should be considered as individual cases as they occur; because solid evidence has yet to be found on either side of the argument. Each situation involving this controversial topic differs from the other, and depending on the minute details of each, the legitimacy of each case could be determined.
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