Repressed Memories: The Cause Of Repressed Memories

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Repression is one of the most haunting concepts in psychology. Something shocking happens, and the mind pushes it into some inaccessible corner of the unconscious. Later, the memory may emerge into consciousness. Repression is one of the foundation stones on which the structure of psychoanalysis rests. Recently there has been a rise in reported memories of childhood sexual abuse that were allegedly repressed for many years. With recent changes in legislation, people with recently unearthed memories are suing alleged perpetrators for events that happened 20, 30, even 40 or more years earlier (Elizabeth F. Loftus). ‘‘In some cases, individuals may experience a traumatic event that triggers such a potent stress response…show more content…
The interference of the stress response with memory consolidation is what often leads to repression of memories or repression of details regarding traumatic experiences. Some individuals may forget significant details surrounding the traumatic event, while others may forget the entire experience (MentalHealthBlog)’’. - The circumstances where repressed memories are more likely to resurface : ‘It is thought that the cause of repressed memories is subject to significant individual variation. The common theme associated with repression of memories is that of intense stress and/or trauma. When the trauma and/or stress becomes severe, it is thought that neurological adaptations (resulting in repression) take place to help ensure survival (MentalHealthBlog).’ Abuse: ‘Those that have experienced abuse whether it is physical, psychological, or sexual – are prone to repressed memories. Abuse can be ongoing such as that dished out by a parent or an isolated occurrence. In any regard, the abuse experienced often exceeds a person’s psychological coping ability, and one of the only ways to cope involves pushing the memory out of conscious perception…show more content…
There may be a few stressful events that trigger the breakdown, but in other cases it may be a result of poor self-care. Regardless of the cause of your high stress and/or nervous breakdown, you may notice that memories may become repressed as a result of the fight-or-flight response (MentalHealthBlog).’ Trauma: ‘Anyone that has endured a traumatic event may experience memory repression. For some people, remembering any details of the trauma is extremely difficult. Other individuals may be able to remember “bits and pieces” of the experience, but may have no recollection of other notable details (MentalHealthBlog).’ -The possible effects of having these memories resurface: ‘There are many things that can cause trauma including: war, abuse (particularly during childhood), rape, violence, crime, medical diagnoses, and natural disasters. After the trauma is experienced, a person remains in a perpetual state of fear, often unable to cope with their emotions. If the person’s ability to cope and/or coping resources are exceeded by the psychological impact of the trauma, they may repress certain memories (MentalHealthBlog).’’ My personal beliefs about the mind repressing memories that may be too painful are: a.) It keeps one in fear of the future for as long the person

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