Repressed Memory : Causes And Treatments Of Repressed Memory

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Many people who are victims or others in general that have taken part in a traumatizing event have stated that they cannot recall what they have experienced or what they have committed. This is what we call today as repressed memory. Repressed memory is caused by how an individual experiences a stressful or traumatizing event. It happens because the victim of repressed memory faces a certain event like the one stated above, which then leads into the event being blocked out unconsciously. (Loftus, 1993) If we were to take a look at an article that talks about how victims have experienced repressed memory we can see that repressed memory can actually resurface. Lisa Nosal talks about how victims of repressed memory show up into her office and start questioning her on why the memories are coming back after a couple of years. (Nosal, 2015). One of her patients has said that “I’ve been fine for years. Now I have nightmares every night and can barely function at work. What’s going on?” (Nosal, 2015) This shows that when repressed memory resurfaces and hits the victim back, it could actually result in a major negative effect on their daily life. It gives each victim of repressed memory a sense of despair. It gives them a sense of despair because throughout their life that memory has been gone and all the sudden it came back at them. This will make the victim feel as if he or she is never going to be able to let go of this trauma. This could have a major impact on their life in many ways. Lisa has an explanation for the reason why repressed memory resurfaces and also has a solution for how victims of it can recover from it. Her answer to why repressed memory resurfaces is that “in my experience as a therapist, what’s happening is that some deep, inner part of you finally feels safe and stable enough to address the leftover emotional fallout that’s been patiently waiting for years.” (Nosal, 2015) This shows that the reason why the memory gets repressed is because the human mind represses it to avoid pain. It gets repressed so that when the victim is finally ready, the mind will slowly bring back the memory so that whatever is leftover can be taken in by the person. Lisa talks about how an individual can deal with the

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