Repressed Memory

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1. Two of the consequences of sexual abuse that interest me the most is posttraumatic stress disorder and repressed memory. PTSD is known as an anxiety disorder that occurs in response to experiencing extreme stress (McCoy & Keen, 2014). The rates of PTSD vary among the type of sexual abuse that has occurred (McCoy & Keen, 2014). Victims of sexual abuse usually have to deal with PTSD. They have flashbacks of the terrible indicants, could happen randomly or be triggered by anything. Since the triggers could happen any time, it could prevent the person from prevent the person from being able to move on, which could stop them from living a successful and happy life. Another consequence of sexual abuse is repressed memory. Repressed memory is when the brain forces unacceptable thoughts, desires or memories into the unconscious (McCoy & Keen, 2014). This is done so the brain can protect itself. It takes a lot of energy for the brain to hide these memories and they can reappear caused by a trigger (McCoy & Keen, 2014). It makes…show more content…
Boys are victims of sexual abuse, just as girls. Sexual abuse affects everyone differently. Boys and girls show signs of disclosure, such as sleeping problems and being distracted (McCoy & Keen, 2014). Boys tend to externalizing symptoms, such as aggression, and have a higher chance of developing substance abuse problems (McCoy & Keen, 2014). 4. For the first scenario, the cut off age should be two years old because after this age, a child should be able to bath him or her self. The child might be scared to do it alone, so the parent can be in the bathroom with them, but the parent does not need to be in the bathtub. The gender of the parent and child does not have an impact on my decisions. For the second scenario, the cut off age should be five years old. Most five year old are sleeping on their own, or if they are having trouble, the parents usually provide a night light. The gender of the parent or the child did not impact my
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