Repression in the 18th Century Essay

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The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin's ideas of feminism were seen in this story through Louise Mallard's reaction after the death of her husband. I will prove that the repression Louise Mallard felt was so intense she would rather die than spend another day in servitude. Also I will cite an example of how the author's feelings of repression were seen through Louise Mallard. After Louise Mallard received the news of her husbands death from her sister and husband's friend, Richards, a new beginning was about to be embarked upon. She was upset about the news she took herself to her room where she demanded privacy. As Chopin pointed out "She would have no one follow." (138) It was at that moment she sat down to look outside her…show more content…
As the story begins it introduced Louise as Mrs. Mallard and her unwed sister Josephine by her first name. The author makes this introduction to introduce Louise to the readers as ."..Mrs. Mallard..." (137). Which at the point of marriage the women loose their identities being know only as the Mrs. As Mrs Mallard set forth on her quest for freedom some words escaped her lips "free, free, free!" It was as if she was being released from a life sentence. Which as stated earlier the 19th century was not a time for a woman to be independent or live for herself but the author makes a daring attempt to speak of feminism and the repression that women felt. Louise yearned for freedom and when she thought she was going to be emancipated a equanimity had taken over Louise Mallard. As did the author believe the same way she stated, "But she saw beyond the bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome." (138) She would and could be free at last as the author states, "There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow - creature." ( 138) This was not how women were suppose to feel. Even at this moment Mrs. Mallard did not know how she should react. Which emotion was acceptable. The author puts Mrs. Mallards reaction to the freedom as
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