Reproduction, Symbiosis, And Eukaryotic Cell

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Reproduction, Symbiosis, and the Eukaryotic Cell
Research Paper

Aram Kazorian
AP Biology
Mrs. Lee
18 October, 2016 The research that was conducted had the specific purpose of addressing questions on topics of individuality, reproduction, symbiotic relationships, all based around the idea of endosymbionts and the endosymbiotic theory with the eukaryotic cell. Symbiosis are the relationships between organisms that can either harm or benefit themselves. And the topic of symbiosis brings questions to the table about evolution, individuality, and cooperation between the organisms, especially when the eukaryotic cell and the evolution of it is involved; however, before we delve into these questions it is important to operationally define reproduction. In this case reproduction has evolved over time into three forms of itself: simple, collective, and scaffolded. Simple can be easily defined in the form of prokaryotes and bacteria. Collective can be described as humans, as we have reproducing parts inside of ourselves(cells). And scaffolded can be explained as reproductive objects that reproduce based entirely on surrounding resources, with the example being viruses. We will discuss how reproduction and the evolution of it applies to the eukaryotic cell as well. The conceptual framework that will be discussed in further detail later on, was made to further discuss Lewontin’s view on evolution by natural selection. He proposed three…
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