Reproduction within Sea Lions

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There are two types of reproduction, asexual and sexual. From the family Otariidea, Sea lions use sexual reproduction meaning they require a mate to produce offspring. There are 6 living sea lion species in the world. The Japanese Sea Lion, Zalophus japonicas, became extinct within the 1970’s. The Steller sea lion has the largest sea lion population and lives in the Northern Pacific. The California sea lion is the best known and seen in zoos and the circus. An average weight of a sea lion is 400 pounds and having a length of 6 feet long. Sea lions have a variety of behavioral techniques when mating. Male and female sea lions have specific behaviors during the mating season such as defensive tactics and vocalization.
There are different types of mating systems such as monogamy and polygamy. The sea lion species uses a polygynous mating system. A polygynous mating system is defined as “one male mate with multiple females within a breeding season” (Flatz, R. et al,2012). The females and males of Sea Lions have different behaviors when reproducing. The females can only produce a limited number of offspring therefore they maximize their success by producing high quality offspring. There are numerous ways the male does to ensure their genes are passed on to the next generation such as aggression. The males maximize their reproductive success by mating with many females to…
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